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On-Line News and Information

Newspapers/Wire Services

o Detroit Daily News is an excellent on-line newspaper
o Cable News Network (CNN)
o Disaster Information Network
o Emergency Response & Research Institute
o Nando Net -- on line News
o New York Times Fax
o New York Times
o Time/Warner's Pathfinder Page
o Reuters News Headlines at Yahoo
o United Nations News
o USA Today

Television/Radio Broadcasts

o ABC News uses the RealAudio Player
o Up To The Minute CBS News uses either the VDOLive Player (better!) or the RealAudio Player
o NBC News
o National Public Radio uses the RealAudio Player


o National/World Weather with 4 day forcasts and downloadable sattelite maps.
o The Weather Channel provides forcasts, radar, and maps.


o CNN Financial Network has excellent information and provides up-to-the-minute stock quotes.
o Mutual Fund Prices (updated about every 2 weeks)


o ESPN's Sportzone

Israel News/Radio Sources

Israeli News Sources
o Arutz-7 is Israel's only independent radio station. It operates in International waters off the coast of Israel and has a religious, right wing bent on the political situation.
o F.Y.I. -- Israel in the News provides a nice news recap once a week based on other news sources.
o Globes: Israel Business Arena
o Ha'aretz English Edition
o Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- Update Page contains official releases from the Israeli government
o Jerusalem Post
o News on Islamic Terrorism in Israel is part of the Of Blessed Memory memorial site created by my friends.
o Virtual Jerusalem News
Israeli Radio/Audio
o Latest News about Israel from Atrifica uses the RealAudio Player or Wave format.
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