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On this site you'll find a group of resources that I frequently use when creating web sites and managing lists. I've also included other general computer resources which I find to be helpful. I hope you enjoy. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me.

Developing Web Pages

oHTML (HyperText Markup Language)
oTo see more on how to write HTML, a beginners guide is available.
oTo see a comprehensive listing of HTML codes, the HTML Quick Reference Guide is available.
o HTML Code Tutorial
o 10 Commandments to HTML
o Graphics (Libraries, Collections)
o UMKC Pix Directory and Gif Directory
o Here are some publically available Icon Gif Files
o Icon Browser is 114 pages of icons.
o Brandeis University Graphics Locally Available
o Graphics (Backgrounds, Editors, Tips)
o RGB Solid color Background chart
o Texture Land
oCGI Scripting for Web/Forms Interface
o Yahoo on Scripting
o Matt's Script Archive has some excellent scripts in Perl.
o Selena's Public Domain CGI Scripts has some good scripts and a great list of related links.
o PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language is the documentation for the language.
o PERL Language Homepage
o Java/Javascript (small programs you run over a web page)
o Java Script Resources from Netscape
o JavaScript Authoring Guide (Netcape 2.0 or better required)
o David's Javascript Playland is my first attempts at using JavaScript.
o Here is some more of my fun with Java! that I created!
oSound Utilities (players, recorders, converters, multiplatform)
o Sound Hack Documentation and links to ftp Site (Mac Sound Edit Shareware)
o Sound Tools is a short list of sound players for every system type (good to link to this page when you are putting sounds on your web site)
oMisc other Links
o Server Side Includes (SSI)

List Management Software (Web archives, NNTP server....)

o ListProc documentation at SourceForge.
o Listserv is the most robust mailing list package available.
o Hypermail web archives converts the contents of a UNIX mailbox to HTML (useful for lists)
o MonArch also converts the contents of an UNIX mailbox to HTML.
o DNEWS: NT NNTP server

Jewish Sites Technical/Archival Links

o Shamash's Help Doumentation that I created! :-)
o Shamash's Webmaster's Page
o Shamash's Counter Doumentation that I created! :-)
o Listproc 7.2 Documentation for Shamash List-Owners
o UAHC Shamash Web Site Doc's
o UAHC Scripts
o Archives to the following lists:
o Reshet
o Brandeis-Hillel
o Koach
o Other Jewish Sites' Tech Doc's
o USCJ Web Page Development Guidlines

Macintosh Info

o Apple Support and Information Web
o Apple Software Updates
o MacWorld Magazine

Internet/Web Resources

o Internet Providers List is an excellent listing of internet providers across the country.
o Figlet -- The Internet Alphabet Program (look at the font Jerusalem and many more!)
o Virtual Flowers is a fun place to go to send your friends flowers through email, for any occasion.

Viruses, Urban Legends, and Hoaxes?

o U.S. Department of Energy's CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) Home Page and Hoaxes Page
o The Mining Company's Urban Legends Page talks about the 'latest' urban legends and has an outstanding archive.
o FPROT: Data Fellows from the people who produce the anti-virus software
o Kumite Virus Hoax List
o McAfee and Associates the company who produces the anti-virus software SCAN
o Sophos From the company who produces the SWEEP virus scanner
o National Computer Security Association (NCSA)
o Good Times Virus Mini-Faq


o Shareware Directory if you need the shareware, here's the place to find the closest FTP site.
o Stroud's Consummate Winstock Applications is an great list of Windows Based Internet Applications
o Randy's Windows '95 Resource Center has some great Windows '95 Tips/Software.

Hardware & Software both New & Used

Please note I do not endorse any of these services, but rather provide them for your information. Good luck in your search...

New Software/Hardware
o Sunset Direct has a large number of MAJOR computer hardware and software products.
o Journey Software with educational pricing. Very competative prices!
o Digital OMNA On-Line Store has great deals on SIMMS (memory)
Judaic Software
o Davka Products is an outstanding creator of Judaic Software.
o Dor L'Dor Software offers some great Jewish Software.
Used Software/Hardware
o Buy and Sell Network is a good place to try to sell old stuff.
o EBay.com is another place to sell stuff.
o TradeSafe's Listing of Cyber Flea Market Locations.

Web, Email, and Phonebook Search Engines

White and Yellow Pages
o Four11 On-Line White pages has over 4.6 million people and businesses listed.
o Yellow Pages
o Switchboard is a great place to find people and businesses.
o AT&T's 800 Toll Free Directory
Web/USENET Search Engines
o Alta Vista is especially good for the USENET, but has a nice web search also.
o Info Seek Guide is a keyword search that provides descriptions of links
o Lycos is an excellent search engine
o WebCrawler is a keyword searchable robot for the web.
o Yahoo is a topic based index of the web.

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